"A Cats Journey"

game play keys:

arrow keys or asd and space bar to jump

attack from w or up arrow , paused from ESC

for android:

not for jam

when undoing the pause  you need to click arrow and esc simultaneously.



It have big levels kind of like exploration.

I removed the scroll because game was going out of the jam limitations.


sound effects: groovymaster
bg sounds: fesliyanstudios
art, dev and the boss music: me ;)

special thanks: Game Endeavour

some functions may not work in the browser version such as the collision in the menu buttons.

i hope you will enjoy my first jam game ;D


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ACatsJourneywin.zip 49 MB
ACatsJourneylinux.tar.xz 42 MB
Acatsjourney.apk 36 MB

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Nice Update, hey, check out cinemachine 2D, Brackeys has an easy tutorial and it will increase the quality of your game like... the double ^^


ty very much, you are right camera does need a lot of work. I am using Godot tho but I figured it out how to do it :)


Fun game! I really like the art style, and the cat is very cute! The camera is a little hard to use occasionally, but otherwise, awesome game!


Thanks for trying it out buddy, I will fix it in a day or two.

Please try the final version too :)

The cat is very cute. Maybe it is my keyboard, but I can't seem to make the cat jump up

Thanks for trying it out :D, others in the jam didn't point out this I will recheck it.

try with spacebar XD

Yes, I realize I was trying to use the up arrow to jump...